Getting Started

Creating an Account

Adding a Child

Adding & Assigning a New Chore

Creating an Account

When you first install Allowance & Chores Bot on your device the app will prompt you to create an account.  

Enter your email address and a password. Confirm your password.

Tap “Create Account”

Tap “Create Passcode”

Enter a four digit parental passcode.  The app will ask you to enter the passcode again to verify the passcode. 

Keep the parental passcode secret so your children can’t access parental features of the app.

Enter how often you want the allowance paid.

There are 3 allowance schedule options.  The app defaults to a weekly allowance.

A Daily allowance is paid everyday.  

A Weekly allowance is paid once a week on a day you select.  

A By Date allowance is paid each month of the day(s) you select. 

Tap “Save”

Select an allowance payment option.

There are two allowance payment options: “Automatically” or “Only after my approval”

The app defaults to “Automatically”   To change the payment option, tap “Only after my approval”  

Tap “Save”

Adding a Child

Tap “Add Child”

Enter your child's name.

Select one of 16 avatars or choose to use a photo as your child’s profile pic.

You have the option to enter your child's current savings total.

Enter an allowance amount.   This is the amount that will be paid daily, weekly or by date.

You have the option enable a child passcode.  

Tap “Save”

Use the “Add Child” button to continue adding all of your children to the app.

Adding & Assigning a New Chore

Make sure to add your children to the app before assigning chores.

On the main screen, tap “Assign Chores”

Tap “Add” (Located in the upper right corner of the Assign view)

Enter the chore name.  

You can also enter a description of the chore or add a photo to let your child know what is expected.  

The app will select a theme based on the chore name and description.  To select another theme tap on the chore theme dropdown.

Tap “Options” 

The app defaults to “Required for allowance”  

To set the chore as a reward chore, tap “Reward amount” and enter an amount.

Tap “Assignees & Schedule”

Tap “Select Assignees” 

Check the children you want to assign the chore to.

Tap “Ok”

Select a chore schedule.  

The app defaults to “Same schedule for all assignees” 

Same schedule options are:

Daily - Chores can be set to be done everyday, or every 2 or 3 days, etc.

Weekly - Chores can be set to the days of the week you want the chore done.  Also, weekly chores can be done every week, or every 2 or 3 weeks, etc.

Monthly - Chores can be set to the days of the month you want the chores done. 

You also have the option to rotate the chore between all the assigned children. 

Tap “Save”