Allowance & Chores Bot

Manage your children's allowances, chores, and savings goals

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Fun for kids to get chores done and see their savings grow.
  • Easily manage allowances and chores for multiple children.
  • Automatically syncs data between iOS and Android devices.
  • Payments can be automatic or on approval.
  • Keep track of your child’s savings, spending, and punishments.
  • Receive reminders when you forget to approve an allowance.
  • Setup chore reminders for your children on their devices. 
  • Designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.
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Helpful & Super Easy

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We’ve kept charts on the fridge and tried piggy banks with real money. All of it was confusing and we would forget daily. This app saves so much time and keeps us organized.

Love this app...Useful and easy!

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No more having to get cash every week. If they want cash no problem but a lot of the time they just ask me to make purchases for them and then I simply log the expenditure in the app.


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This is an amazing app for young kids. It is teaching my son to save, the value of money, to work hard and to be independent.
I highly recommend.

Exactly what I needed!

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I’ve been using this app for a week and it has already made a difference in my child’s motivation to get her chores finished. With the ability to include additional chores for extra money (outside of her everyday, weekly chores) she’s been finishing work without even being asked, just to see her account $$ increase! This is so much better than an old fashioned list.

Free version gives you all the features you need to start managing allowances & chores:

  • Easily assign chores to multiple children.
  • Add as many children and chores as you want to the app.
  • Automatic sync between multiple devices and platforms.
  • Set up daily, weekly, or monthly allowances.
  • Payments can be automatic or on approval.
  • Approve or unapprove payments.
  • Give rewards for good behavior or good grades.
  • Deduct money from a child's account when they spend money.
  • Set daily chore reminders for your children. 
  • Receive reminders when you forget to approve a payment.
  • Optional parental passcode stops kids from making changes without permission.
  • Easily withhold any number of future allowance payments as punishment.
  • Children can choose one of 16 avatars to personalize the app.
  • Pre-readers can have chore names, chore descriptions, allowance and savings amounts read aloud to them.
  • 7 day history of savings, spending, and chore activity displayed in the Graph view with optional descriptions of each transaction.
  • 7 day period to approve and unapprove chores.

Upgrade to Premium to get these additional features:

  • Unlimited history of savings, spending, and chore activity displayed in the Graph view with descriptions of each transaction.
  • Each child can have unlimited accounts and savings goals.
  • Easily Rotate chores between children on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
  • Set the order that chores are displayed in each child’s todo list.
  • Create Reward chores to pay an amount for each completed chore.
  • Create child passcodes to allow children to protect their account information and chore list from siblings, change their own photo or avatar and spend money.
  • Children can personalize the app with a photo as their profile pic 
  • Photos can be added to each chore to help children understand what needs to be done.
  • Set the order that children are displayed in the main screen of the app.
  • Configure the visibility of each child on each of your family’s devices.
  • 30 day period to approve or unapprove payments for allowances and reward chores.

Using Allowance & Chores Bot

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Manage multiple daily or weekly allowances and chores all in one place.

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Each child has their own page where they can see their savings grow, and parents can edit settings and make changes.  

Kids can access certain features.  Other features are protected by a passcode to prevent unauthorized changes.

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Parents can see all the chores for the whole family in one place and easily assign chores to multiple children.

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Parents can assign chores to multiple children with a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

You have the option to automatically rotate chores between children.

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Kids can see the chores due each day and check them off as they’re done.

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Parents can easily approve or unapprove payments for allowances and reward chores.

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Avatars – Children can choose from 16 avatars to represent their personality or interests.  

If you upgrade to Premium your children can use a photo as their profile pic.

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Allowance Graph – The allowance graph allows your children to watch their savings grow and see how much savings they'll have in the future.  

Children will learn how to budget when they see how transactions and events affect their savings.   

Access allowances from multiple devices

  • Parents and children can login with the same account on different iOS and Android devices and see the same information.
  • Allowances and settings are automatically synced across multiple iOS and Android devices. Changes appear in real time.
  • A Parental Passcode allows only parents to change settings, and add or deduct money.

Tailor your account to fit your allowance style

  • Choose a daily, weekly, or monthly allowance.
  • Schedule the day of the week, or month to give the allowance.
  • Input an allowance amount for each child.
  • Select whether you want allowances to accrue automatically or only when you approve them.
  • If you upgrade to Premium you can assign reward chores and pay your children by the chore.